Aviation Governance

Auditing and Audit System

The aerospace industry is not only a challenging one from the market and cost perspective, but it is also a strongly regulated industry. Barriers to enter this industry are high, because of certifications, which are demanded by the regulator for all technologies, products and compo-nents as well as services that are supplied to the aerospace industry. With this come complex and costly certification processes, risk management processes, quality management processes, etc. In order to cope with these demanding challenges, the industry requires highly trained management personnel including qualified auditors to monitor quality and compliance processes.

In cooperation with the Center for Aviation Competence (CFAC) and the Aeroex this module will focus exactly on these challenges and includes the following courses:
– Introduction to quality and compliance management
– Regulations of Management Systems (ISO/EASA)
– Integrated Management Systems (aviation)
– Compliance Monitoring System (acc. GEN.200)
– Design and structure of EN ISO 19011 (auditing management systems)
– Introduction to auditing
– Audit preparation
– Audit performance (conversation skills, interview techniques)
– Audit follow-up actions (evaluation, reporting)
– Communication and behavior during the Audit
– Group exercises, role playing, Discussion

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