Aviation Governance

Duties and responsabilities of the Board of Director's in Aviation Enterprises

This Board Seminar in cooperation with the Board Foundation will aim to apprise chairpersons and members of the boards of directors and the managing boards of aviation companies and organizations about the latest developments and important trends of Corporate and Subsidiary Governance. Participants will also benefit from new tools to develop board effectiveness. The main topics are:

  • The Board as a Change Agent (“Keep it situational”)
  • The Board as a Direction Setting Body (“Keep it strategic”)
  • The Board as a Team (“Keep it integrated”)
  • The Board as a Controlling Body (“Keep it controlled”)
  • Owner Strategy by the Shareholders
  • Strategic Directives by the Board of Directors
  • Business Strategy by the Executive Board
  • Strategic Control at the Board Level
  • Ethical and Legal Compliance at the Board Level
  • Nomination of the Board of Directors and CEO
  • Performance Review of the Board of Directors and CEO
  • Renumeration of the Board of Directors and CEO
  • Succession Planning of the Board of Directors and CEO

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